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Pelosi to Adopted Girl: Moms Should Be Able to ‘Choose’ To Kill Babies Like You

Amanda Prestigiacomo, Fresh off a despicable hot mic slip urging a Muslim Congressman to play up his identity for political gain, former Speaker of the House and 100-year-old Democrat Nancy Pelosi made stomachs turn during a recent town hall event hosted by CNN’s Jake Tapper. Pelosi was confronted by a female college student who explained

‘Elle Magazine’ Highly Upset That Ivanka Is Sexy, Smart And Successful

Amanda Prestigiacomo, In a rambling Elle Magazine piece published last week, titled “Ivanka Trump Will Not Fix ‘Women’s Issues’—She Will Distract From Them,” author Sandy Doyle becomes deeply upset that President-elect Donald Trump’s eldest daughter Ivanka is sexy, smart and successful. Attaining such attributes makes her a so-called “Exceptional Woman.” Though this is not a good thing, but rather