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Modern manger set goes viral: ‘Hipster Nativity’ selling out fast

If you think some traditions are meant to stay, well, traditional–think again. New for 2016, Christmas tables everywhere can showcase the “Hipster Nativity” scene which offers a modern twist on the classic decoration depicting the birth of Jesus Christ.  San Diego-based Modern Nativity  is behind the modern manger set and it says this is what Jesus

The American people deserve better jobs. Passing new laws is not the solution

Peter Morici, The U.S. economy is growing again—about 2.5 percent annually in the second quarter and going forward—but good jobs remain scarce and wage gains lackluster. New technologies are reducing the demand for workers but poor government policies are making matters worse. Friday, the Labor Department is expected to report the economy added 180,000 jobs in

Why You Should Bet on This Company to Beat Amazon

 Back when Peter Lynch was the manager of the Fidelity Magellan mutual fund, he offered mom ‘n pop investors the folksy advice of “invest in what you know.” According to Lynch, successful investing was as simple as going to the mall and buying the stock of the retail chain where the lines are the longest.