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Megyn Kelly made up with Donald Trump. Everyone else on the right will do the same

Paul Waldman, Fox News and Donald Trump are reaching a detente at last; yesterday Megyn Kelly went to Trump Tower for an hour-long meeting she described as allowing “a chance to clear the air,” after which Trump went to the Fox offices to have lunch with network chief Roger Ailes. This comes after Kelly had

Ethically Challenged Hillary Clinton Praises Ethically Challenged Charlie Rangel

David Rutz, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton praised another New York legislator with a history of ethics problems during her rally at New York City’s Apollo Theater on Wednesday: Rep. Charlie Rangel (D., N.Y.). “I also want to acknowledge my longtime friend, the person that I actually give credit to for starting me on this journey,” Clinton

GOP campaign committee has $31M to hold House

 The House Republican campaign committee raised almost $10 million in March and has $31.2 million banked to defend the party’s majority, according to financial reports filed Sunday. The National Republican Congressional Committee’s $21.2 million fundraising haul in January, February and March gave the group its best first-quarter showing since 2003. It also puts the committee