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A “Trumpian” approach to balancing the budget #MAGA

Newt Gingrich, Author’s note: The following is adapted from my January 16th speech at the Heritage Foundation, which can be viewed in full here. As a candidate, Donald Trump repeatedly stated that balancing the budget would be a goal of his administration. Many so-called experts have dismissed the idea that he can actually achieve this

On A Tight Travel Budget? You’ll Appreciate This Year’s July 4 Bargains

Whenever July 4 lands on a Monday, travel surges as Americans take advantage of the long weekend. And you might assume the extra demand for gasoline would send pump prices higher. But this year, drivers are discovering that prices have been falling in the run-up to the holiday — down to the lowest midsummer levels

U.S. Agent Lures Romanian Hackers in Subway Data Heist

U.S. Secret Service Agent Matt O’Neill was growing nervous. For three months, he’d been surreptitiously monitoring hackers’ communications and watching as they siphoned thousands of credit card numbers from scores of U.S. retailers. Most every day O’Neill was alerting a credit card company or retailer to an online heist. The result was predictable: the companies

Arizona vote moves gay rights into the mainstream

 Why did Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer veto a ‘religious rights’ bill? The gay rights movement’s allies now include Chambers of Commerce, major businesses, and Republican lawmakers. Mark this as the week when gay rights – including the push for same-sex marriage – became clearly and perhaps irrevocably mainstream. Forty-five years after the Stonewall riots in