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Remembering Rich Blumenthal’s Vietnam Deception #Truth

Lloyd Billingsley, Senate smear never paid a price for claiming he served. ​In the confirmation hearings for Jeff Sessions, president-elect Donald Trump’s choice for Attorney General, Senator Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut Democrat, proceeded as though David Horowitz had been the AG choice.  David Horowitz was not present but Blumenthal cited his statements that all the major

Trump’s pick for Education Secretary wants everyone to get a great education

Gov. Bobby Jindal,  In politics they say that no good deed goes unpunished. That is never truer than on the issue of school choice.  President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee to be the Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos, has committed an unpardonable sin. Yes, she has tried to help millions of disadvantaged families have the ability to

The Democrats’ journey from center to hard Left

Barbara Kay, The Left In Power: Clinton to Obama. After the federal election, an African-American child asked at a family dinner if he was now “going to be treated as three-fifths of a human being.” A teacher from a rural black elementary school reported her students were asking her if they would become slaves again.

Christmas kindness: ’Tis the Season to Make America Hate Again

Daniel J. Flynn, The American Spectator Love is all you need — not! “Resistance means repetition,” Keith Olbermann says of the looming Donald Trump presidency. “Humiliate him, humiliate him every day, and those who support him.”  People intent on humiliating others end up humiliating themselves. Police arrested a Greenville, Mississippi, parishioner of the Hopewell Missionary

How the Democrats became a party of the Left, David Horowitz on “The Left In Power: Clinton to Obama” Below is David Horowitz’s recent talk, on December 14 in Los Angeles, on his new book, The Left in Power: Clinton to Obama, which is volume 7 of The Black Book of the American Left, a multi-volume collection of his conservative writings that will, when completed, be

Still Think Hillary Clinton Is a Role Model for Your Daughter?

Dennis Prager,  Three months ago, I wrote a column refuting the claim repeatedly made by supporters of Hillary Clinton that having a woman president — specifically, Hillary Clinton — would be a terrific thing for girls and young women. In light of how much more we now know about Clinton’s activities while secretary of state

Hillary Clinton and the President’s ‘Longer Game.’

Lloyd Billingsley,  At home and abroad, a nation less affluent, less free, and far less secure. The President of the United States, the most powerful man in the world, used a pseudonym to communicate with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on her private, unsecured email server. As Andrew McCarthy contended, that was the reason