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Leader of Groups Linked to Hamas Featured at U of Miami Commencement Ceremony

Joe Kaufman, Graduating students forced to listen to CAIR operative Wilfredo Amr Ruiz. Wilfredo Amr Ruiz is fervently involved with groups that incite terror and bigotry. So why would the University of Miami allow him to participate in a commencement ceremony for its students and subject them to prejudice and propaganda in the name of

Trump to American Muslims: Embrace Christianity, Pay Jizya, or Die?

Raymond Ibrahim, An honest Muslim wonders what if the shoe was on the other foot. As American liberals/leftists continue to portray Donald Trump’s immigration ban on seven Muslim nations in the worst possible terms—from “racist” to “Islamophobic”—and Muslim activists continue to claim “shock and trauma,” a lone Egyptian man has asked some relevant questions that

Media Guilty of Double Standard on Terror Attacks

Jonah Goldberg, Here’s a paradox for you. Whenever there’s a terrorist attack, the immediate response from government officials and the media is: “Let’s not jump to conclusions.” Yet when there are breaking reports that Muslim or Arab Americans were allegedly victimized by bigots in some hate crime, the response is instant credulity, outrage and hand-wringing.

See No Evil: Khan-troversy Repeats Five Big Lies of the Left

Joel B. Pollak, Breitbart Khizr Khan and his wife Ghazala are Gold Star parents, and worthy of our gratitude, comfort and admiration. They have, however, also placed their son’s heroic death in the political arena, in the service of Hillary Clinton’s presidential ambitions. Therefore, while it may be unwise for Donald Trump to criticize them,

Homeland Security Chairman McCaul: The war is at our doorstep

Michael McCaul, We are a nation at war, and our own city streets have once again become the frontlines. The tragedy in Orlando is the worst terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11, and it reminds us that nearly 15 years after that fateful day, our enemies are still dead set on attacking us—from outside

Clinton’s lead over Trump narrows to nine points #TrumpTrain

Democrat Hillary Clinton’s lead over Republican rival Donald Trump has slipped by about five percentage points since mid-June, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Tuesday, bringing the race for the White House to within nine points. The poll showed that 44.5 percent of likely voters supported former secretary of state Clinton while 35.5 percent

Gay American Muslims struggle with identity after Orlando massacre

Qais Munhazim woke up on Sunday to reports that an Afghan-American gunman had rampaged through a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, in an attack apparently motivated by support for militant Islamist groups. Tearful and disconsolate, Munhazim, a gay Muslim man who is originally from Afghanistan, made plans to attend the University of Minnesota’s vigil the

Who to Scapegoat? Guns or Muslims?

Debra J. Saunders,  A terrorist shot and killed 49 innocent Americans in Orlando Sunday morning. After the carnage, the political food fight started. On the right, people fault Islamic extremism. When President Obama refuses to use the term “radical Islamic terrorism” that gives conservatives a chance to pounce. I know — I’ve been one of