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Democrat Counter-Coup Against Trump in Progress

Alex Jones | Infowars, Stand up and resist. Calls for a recount and the erroneous assertion that Hillary won the popular vote are fueling the latest sneak effort by the globalists to rip the control out of the hands of the rightful heirs: The American Patriots. Meanwhile, terror sleeper cells are waiting to be activated

Trump Outlines Child Care Plan, America’s Current Policies Hold Families Back

Thank you. I want to applaud my daughter, Ivanka, for her work and leadership on the issues facing working moms in our country. She has been deeply invested in this since long before the campaign began, and I am so grateful for her work and efforts on this proposal which I will be outlining today.

Professor Says American Patriots More Dangerous Than Foreign Terrorists

Progressives Today David Alpher has a PhD in “conflict resolution” and teaches at George Mason University. He also writes for some leftists website that no one’s ever heard of until now called The Conversation. His most recent article was picked up by Raw Story on June 1st, at the stroke of midnight. Entitled “An expert