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American Revolution

5 Ways the American Revolution Was Different From Other Revolutions

Larry Schweikart, This column was co-authored by Dave Dougherty. Often, the Revolutionary War is compared to all the other bloody revolutions of the 19th century. Contrary to popular belief, the American colonists were after more than just revenge, wealth, or fame. They were after the protection of their homeland and inborn rights that their country

For all of Trump’s strengths, an extra assist was needed to ensure victory

Howard Hyde, Defeated by Their Own Unforced Errors. The miracle of Donald Trump’s victory on November 8 is the biggest political earthquake to rock our great nation in 36 years, and will continue to send aftershocks around the world for many years to come. It is all the more remarkable considering that as of the

What if liberty is attached to humanity?

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano,  What if the Declaration of Independence states that the purpose of government is to protect our natural rights? What if natural rights are the freedoms we enjoy without neighbors or strangers or government interfering? What if those freedoms are listed in part in the Bill of Rights? What if the government

Shouldn’t the Presidential Debate Ask About Guns We Already Have?

Alan Korwin,  Can “infringement” be defined? Of course it can—and that’s the problem. One political party—the Democrats’ party—is champing at the bit to win the election, so they can go about outlawing firearms they don’t like, which is basically all the good guns we already have. The ones police and the public prefer because they’re

Did #NeverTrumpers Hear Hillary Clinton’s Frightening Speech?

Dennis Prager, My #NeverTrump colleagues and friends make valid points about Donald Trump. I know — I made them myself during the Republican primaries. But it is vital to understand what will happen if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency. This country will be so far from what the Founding Fathers wanted, so different from what

Fourth of July 2016: What the Founders ask of us

Matthew Spalding,  It is remarkable that Abraham Lincoln never delivered a Fourth of July speech. The closest he came was on July 10, 1858, in Chicago during one of the famous Lincoln-Douglas debates, when Lincoln spoke of the Founders as “iron men.” He remarked how, every July 4, Americans celebrate those “iron men” and their