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Energy: Coal is a gift that we have in abundance

Norman Rogers, The vast reserves of coal guarantee the United States energy for hundreds of years. Coal is efficient.  No fuel, other than uranium, is cheaper. Coal burns clean in modern plants. Strip-mining coal in the modern way improves the landscape.  According to the Energy Information Administration, the U.S. demonstrated coal reserve base is 477 billion 2,000-pound tons, enough for more

Islam Is Taking Over Europe—’Without Swords, Without Guns, Without Conquest’

Selwyn Duke, In the West, faith has been dying out, but westerners are dying out, too. “In 10 years we will all be Muslims because of our stupidity,” declared Italian Monsignor Carlo Liberati recently. In an interview with Catholic journal La Fede Quotidiana, the archbishop emeritus of Pompeii lamented Western Europe’s transition into secularism and what

Virgil: Trump’s Nationalist Vision vs. the Gospel of Globalism

Virgil, Breitbart First of Three Parts… 1. The Trump Nationalist Vision, Ascendant  It’s an obvious fact: Donald Trump hasn’t even been sworn in as the 45th President, and yet, already, he’s setting the national agenda. Through Twitter, other social media, and the occasional public appearance, he’s still doing what he did throughout the presidential campaign—dominating. 

Were George Patton, Ulysses S. Grant, Sam Houston and Andrew Jackson saints?

Michael Finch, Reprinted from American Thinker Selling Out Liberty for False Piety. I will come right out and say it: I could give a damn what Donald Trump says in private. What this signals to me is that the false piety on display by so many Republicans and conservatives is nothing more than a symptom

Let’s Talk About Morality: Hillary Clinton is Still a “liar” and “unethical”

Joy Overbeck,  Let’s not talk about whether Hillary Clinton’s defense of a husband she knew was a serial molester and accused rapist was moral or not. Or whether she acted immorally when she attacked his victims as “trailer trash” and “bimbos” and led “bimbo eruption” strategy meetings in the White House to destroy these women.

Despicable Words Versus Letting Four Men Die in Benghazi

John P. Warren, If it’s President Hillary despondency will set in for The Deplorables. I said, “If.” But Deplorables, thinking Indies, striving Latinos and African-Americans, and achieving Asians may yet avert the abyss to appear should Hillary Clinton be elected President of the United States. Despicable though many words of Trump can be, they are

Why No Self-Respecting Woman Can Vote for Hillary

Joy Overbeck, Hillary Clinton is the very opposite of the smart, independent female role model once hoped-for as the first woman president. For nearly five decades she has defended her serial predator and accused rapist husband whose despicable behavior she denied while behind the scenes she viciously trashed his victims and often ruined their lives.

Online votes declare Trump debate winner #TrumpWon

If polls only included media pundits, Hillary Clinton would have won Monday’s debate by a landslide, but online surveys had Donald Trump as the yuge winner. The Drudge Report online vote had 80 percent of respondents giving the victory to Trump, and a survey had the Republican nominee leading Clinton by 4 percentage points

What do President Barack Obama and President James Madison Have in Common?

Jane Cook, Although 200 years separate these two presidents, both are known for their cool, reserved temperaments and constitutional scholarship. Madison was the father of the U.S. Constitution and an avid scholar of ancient and modern governments. Obama was a constitutional law professor before becoming president and often speaks in a professorial style. As presidents,

Hillary Clinton, International Arms Dealer

Joy Overbeck, Hillary Clinton as secretary of state approved of selling  $316 billion of our most powerful American weapons and war planes to foreign countries, many of which throw homosexuals off buildings, murder their political enemies, force women to live in black cocoons, don’t let them drive or attend school, and fund terrorism against us

If everybody is making so much more money, why does the economy still suck?

Dan Joppich, American Thinker The Census Bureau reported an unprecedented increase in household income in the last year, but it just doesn’t pass the smell test.  Is it possible that the Obama administration is trying to stack the deck for Hillary?  Liberal media outlets provide ample examples of how far they will go to make

MEDIA DIRTY TRICKS: CBS, NBC Manipulate Polling Data to Show Hillary with Lead Over Trump

Jim Hoft, The liberal media is up to its usual tricks again.CBS released a poll Wednesday that shows Hillary Clinton with a big six point lead over Donald Trump. But when you look at the data you see that they oversampled Democrats and that the raise is virtually tied — even after the non-stop drubbing