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Amerigeddon: Are You Ready For The Chaos That Will Ensue When The Power Grid Is Brought Down?

Michael Snyder | Economic Collapse Most people just seem to believe that everything is going to be okay somehow. What would America look like with absolutely no electricity?  Could you survive in a world with no lights, no cell phones, no computers, no televisions, no ATMs, no cash registers and no refrigerators? Such a world

New Feature Film AMERIGEDDON Issues Dire Warning To Americans

Gary Heavin | Infowars, Director Mike Norris, son of Chuck Norris, issues call to action to protect America’s freedom. AMERIGEDDON, coming to theaters nationwide May 13, 2016, has been described as “the movie the establishment doesn’t want you to see.” Showing what happens when a not-so-future U.S. government conspires with the United Nations to stage