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Among Republicans

Majority of American voters Feel Hopeful #MAGA

Twice as many American voters feel hopeful as feel depressed about the outcome of the election.  More feel relieved than scared.  Some feel empowered and excited, but plenty feel embarrassed or angry.   These are some of the findings of the latest Fox News Poll of registered voters nationwide. More than one-third of voters have

Cruz Image Among Republicans Crashes #Trump2016

New survey data from Gallup shows Republican voters’ image of Sen. Ted Cruz has fallen precipitously in the last month. At the beginning of April, half of Republican voters had a positive image of Cruz, while just 35 percent had a negative view. Since then, however, that image has almost completely flipped.Currently, just 39 percent of

As Expected Trump Wins Big in New York, Democrat Clinton sees a More Narrow Victory

Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton scored sweeping victories in nominating contests in their home state of New York, and immediately cited them in arguing they are all but unstoppable as their respective parties’ presidential nominees. Trump’s crushing defeat of Ted Cruz in Tuesday’s primary election tilted the energy in the Republican race back