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Ships Recover Unidentified Objects in Flight 370 Search

 Australian and Chinese ships recovered unidentified objects from the Indian Ocean as planes spotted more items in the search for Malaysian Air Flight 370. Australia’s HMAS Success and China’s Haixun 01 retrieved “a number of objects from the ocean but so far no objects confirmed to be related” to the missing plane, the Australian Maritime

Flight MH370: Planes spot objects after search for lost Malaysian jet shifts north

 An air and sea search for a missing Malaysian passenger jet moved 1,100 km (685 miles) north on Friday, after Australian authorities coordinating the operation in the remote Indian Ocean received new information from Malaysia that suggested the plane ran out of fuel earlier than thought. The dramatic shift in the search area, moving it

New Malaysia plane search area turns up objects

 Australian officials moved the search area for the lost Malaysian jetliner 1,100 kilometers (680 miles) to the northeast Friday following a new analysis of radar data, and planes quickly found multiple objects in the new zone. Five out of 10 aircraft hunting for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 found objects of various colors Friday, the Australian

Search for lost Malaysian jet shifts significantly after new lead

Australian authorities said on Friday they were shifting the focus of their Indian Ocean search for the wreckage of Malaysia’s missing jet, moving it 1,100 km (685 miles) to the northeast after receiving new information from Malaysia. For more than a week, ships and surveillance planes have been scouring seas 2,500 km (1,550 miles) southwest

Thai Satellite Spots 300 Objects in Search Zone for Plane

 Thai satellite images of more than 300 objects in the south Indian Ocean produced another lead in the hunt for Malaysian Air Flight 370, with Japanese spacecraft also locating items as bad weather halted an airborne search. The Thai photos from March 24 show objects spanning 2 meters to 15 meters floating about 2,700 kilometers

Malaysia Says Flight 370 Ended in Ocean as Hunt Suspended

 Malaysia concluded that Flight 370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean with no hope of survivors, ruling out theories of a detour over Asia or an island landing, as the search for wreckage was suspended today on foul weather. Conditions permitting, patrols will resume tomorrow for debris from the Boeing Co. (BA) 777-200ER, the Australian

Sailors Try to Retrieve Objects Seen in Hunt for Malaysian Plane

An Australian naval ship hunting for the missing Malaysian jet sought to retrieve objects spotted by plane in the southern Indian Ocean as the scheduling of a late-night press conference by Malaysia’s prime minister raised optimism that the two-week search has yielded first results. An Australian Air Force P3 Orion saw a gray or green

French Photos Back Up Chinese Image of Debris in Jet Hunt

More planes began scouring the Indian Ocean today after Chinese satellite photos showing possible debris were backed up by new French images, giving fresh impetus to the hunt for the missing Malaysian airliner. Eight aircraft are searching an area spanning 59,000 square kilometers (22,800 square miles) after China revealed a March 18 satellite shot depicting

Australia PM hopeful after China spots possible Malaysia plane debris

 Australia’s prime minister said on Sunday there was “increasing hope” of a breakthrough in the hunt for a missing Malaysian airliner carrying 239 people, after Chinese satellite images showed what could be debris within a search area deep in the southern Indian Ocean. The latest possible lead came as the search for Malaysian Airlines Flight

Hunt for Missing Jet Fails to Find Objects Spotted by Satellite in Indian Ocean

 Search planes hunting the missing Malaysian jetliner failed to locate objects spotted by satellite in the Indian Ocean west of Australia after the images kindled optimism for a breakthrough in a mystery now in its 13th day. A U.S. Navy P-8 Poseidon returned to Perth after coming up empty, while an Australian P3 Orion couldn’t