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In Praise of Rick Santelli

Tom Tradup, Amid the corrosive cynicism of cable TV chowderheads like Rachel “You’re not having a terrible, terrible dream” Maddow and the certifiable Lawrence O’Donnell (MSNBC’s roadshow version of Keith Olbermann) we all just got a stark reminder why some of the best commentators can be found on cable’s “Business channels. The quasar of the

Rush Limbaugh: ‘We Are on Offense With Donald Trump’

Jeff Poor, Monday on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh commented on President-elect Donald Trump’s departure from norms, including his use of Twitter to communicate to the American people. According to Limbaugh, Trump’s use of social media is an example of him playing by a new set of rules, which has upset

How Wikileaks and ObamaCare hikes are shaking up the race

Howard Kurtz,  This roller-coaster campaign has a couple of twists and turns left, and that’s not good news for the woman who many in the media are ready to inaugurate. The reasons: –The spike in ObamaCare premiums and dwindling insurance options gives Donald Trump a much-needed issue against Hillary Clinton, a longtime champion of universal

Emails show NBC’s Andrea Mitchell telling Colin Powell Trump’s nomination is ‘awful’

It may not be a shock to her viewers, but NBC journalist Andrea Mitchell is not a fan of Donald Trump — and leaked emails from June apparently show her describing the prospect of Trump getting the Republican nomination as “awful.” Emails between former Secretary of State Colin Powell and Mitchell from June, and leaked

Ann Coulter: Michelle’s Speech Was Trite, Too

When MSNBC signed off at 3 a.m. the first night of the Republican National Convention, they were still talking about Melania’s speech. For five solid hours, MSNBC had been obsessing over two paragraphs of Melania Trump’s speech that were nearly identical to Michelle Obama’s 2008 convention speech. The similar passages were: — The only limit

Feels Like Hillary Clinton Is ˜Lying Straight Out’ About Her Emails

Ian Hanchett, On Thursday, MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski said that it feels like Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is “lying straight out” about her emails. Brzezinski said, “Here are the things that, like over time, we remember here, her saying repeatedly it was allowed. A private server, set up

Ben Carson: ˜Why do we need the Electoral College anymore?’

Eliza Collins | Politico “We need to look at a lot of different things” Ben Carson questioned the point of the Electoral College during an exchange about the delegate selection process Thursday and briefly likened the process to the Jim Crow laws of the South before clarifying that he didn’t mean to make that analogy.

Mother of Sandy Hook Victim: Background Checks Wouldn’t Have Prevented Tragedy

Tony, Nicole Hockley, whose child was tragically murdered at Sandy Hook last year, said that background checks would not have prevented shooter Adam Lanza from getting the guns he used to carry out the atrocities. She also stated that the 911 tapes from that day should not be released.  Appearing on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell