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Allen West: Trump’s Labor pick Andy Puzder would unleash opportunity in urban centers

Allen West, President Donald Trump’s inaugural address mentioned the “carnage” taking place in American inner cities. This followed his recent criticism of Georgia Rep. John Lewis’s Atlanta district as “in horrible shape and falling apart.” Though taken as a whole these comments may be exaggerations, his spotlight on the continuing plight of American urban centers is

In Praise of Andy Puzder and Crummy Jobs

Kurt Schlichter,  Trump’s selection of Andy Puzder, the CEO of CKE Restaurants, Inc. (which owns Carl’s, Jr., and Hardee’s), is great news to those of us who think that, to the extent it should exist at all (which is zero), the Department of Labor should be concerned with getting more people laboring. Instead, under Obama,

Trump For President Receives Support From 100 Business Leaders

NEW YORK, NY – This week Donald J. Trump received national support from 100 business leaders. Mr. Trump will bring jobs back, boost GDP growth and make America great again for American workers. Hillary Clinton’s policies and economic plan promise to accelerate a continued decline that would effectively be a third Obama term. Hillary Clinton will raise