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Where’s the Oversight of Mueller?

Andy Schlafly, After spending millions of dollars on his 15-lawyer dream team, special counsel Robert Mueller indicted Paul Manafort primarily for failing to file paperwork that many Democrats also failed to file.  Indeed, a group co-founded by Hillary Clinton’s top adviser John Podesta failed to timely file the same paperwork that Manafort allegedly overlooked. Yet

Andy Schlafly: New Deportation Policies Advance Trump’s Agenda

Andy Schlafly, John F. Kelly, the new Secretary of Homeland Security, has launched Trump’s immigration agenda with a pair of memos officially released on Tuesday.  These documents demonstrate how serious President Trump is in halting illegal immigration. Contrary to the liberal hysteria sparked by these memos, they outline in measured tone the sensible steps to

Andy Schlafly: Trump Versus the Judge

Donald Trump won the presidency fair and square, but there’s a well-funded movement to resist his victory and defy the new president’s authority over the executive branch of our government.  Now one federal judge, who sits nearly 3,000 miles away in the “other” Washington, has raised the stakes by ordering federal bureaucrats to disobey a

The Darkness of the Women’s March

Andy Schlafly, President Trump’s inaugural address was well received by the people who voted for him, but the media reacted with predictable hostility as the plain-spoken non-politician repeated the themes he used so successfully during the campaign. Newspapers called the speech dark, a word that was repeated by almost every reporter. Trump was certainly blunt

Andy Schlafly: The Hazing of the President

Andy Schlafly, A new president is supposed to enjoy a “honeymoon” of good will and support from the press and public after he assumes the office once held by George Washington. But Donald Trump and his Cabinet nominees are receiving what can only be described as a hazing without precedent in recent American history. Rep.

Andy Schlafly: Obamacare Repeal Is on the Way

Editor’s Note: Column co-written by John Schlafly As soon as the newly elected 115th Congress was gaveled to order last week, both houses got to work on the long-promised effort to “repeal and replace” the failed legislation known as Obamacare. The Senate, with its more cumbersome rules, began 50 hours of debate on a budget resolution

Andy Schlafly: Stay Engaged, The Battle Resumes on Jan. 20

Andy Schlafly, As soon as the election results sank in, sleepy federal bureaucrats woke up and shifted into high gear, furiously finalizing regulations that could be issued before President Obama leaves office.  According to The New York Times, President Obama “is using every power at his disposal to cement his legacy and establish his priorities as

Andy Schlafly: Trump, the Great Communicator on Twitter

Editor’s Note: Column co-written by John Schlafly How did it happen that a man we were told could not possibly be nominated, let alone elected, is about to take the oath of office as the 45th president of the United States? Part of the reason is that Donald Trump spoke to a set of hot-button