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Nothing the Left does will stop Trump’s first day on the job #Day1

Daniel Greenfield,  In the first days of 2017, Washington D.C. was empty. It was a city holding its breath. Secret Service police officers in balaclavas waited at the White House as a black SUV carrying departing staffers passed. It had not been so long ago that they came into the city as if they owned

Hard-Left, Michael Moore, Soros Plan Mass Protests Dec. 19 and Inauguration Day

S. Noble, Update at the end Michael Moore has been tweeting hate, chaos and anarchy. He’s dangerous and has some truly ugly friends. Michael Moore has joined with the hard-left, planning mass protests in D.C., New York and other major cities on Inauguration Day to block major thoroughfares. He’s also teamed up with protesters this

Post-Election demonstrations against Trump are being orchestrated by Socialists and Marxists

John Perazzo, The Communists Behind the Anti-Trump Protests. Ever since Donald Trump’s election victory Tuesday night, the media have been abuzz with stories about massive, sometimes violent, anti-Trump protests breaking out in cities all across the country. We’ve been told that ordinary Americans everywhere are so frightened and angered by the prospect of a Trump


By Eliana Benador At the last press conference of the year, Barack Hussein Obama effortlessly presented his fantasy-filled rosy version of America’s current reality in 2013. Very little of the initial Obama domestic agenda has been achieved. Polls have been decreasingly gentle, actually showing ratings that are near historic lows, mirroring the Obama regime’s incompetence