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From ‘Hope’ To ‘Submission’ Muslim woman in a Hijab fashioned from an American flag

Anthony Freda | Infowars, A Muslim woman draped in a Hijab fashioned from an American flag is designed to celebrate America’s tolerance of diversity. Creator of the iconic Obama Hope poster, Shepard Fairey, is the artist behind the new and provocative symbol of The Women’s March, The American Flag Hijab poster. Fairey once again borrows

Hillary is the most corrupt female politician in American history

Anthony Freda | Infowars, Treason Is Deplorable! Maybe Our “soon-to-be” fearless leader is not sick? Do not trust your lying eyes. She did not collapse in some sort of seizure, probably a result of her brain tumor. She is not wearing anti-seizure sunglasses. She does not have prolonged coughing fits. Sarah Silverman says only “assholes”