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Rand Paul: Trump Intel Leakers ‘Should Go To Jail’

Steve Watson | Infowars, “Whoever leaked it should be prosecuted” Kentucky Senator Rand Paul said Wednesday that those responsible for leaking intelligence pertaining to Donald Trump, whether fake or not, should be prosecuted and jailed. “What I would say is that if there is private information that someone is blackmailing a public figure and the

The Stolen Job Myth

Jeff Jacoby,  IF ANYONE ought to appreciate the power of immigration to stimulate employment, it is America’s energetic anti-immigration advocates, whose jobs wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the influx of immigrants they spend their days seeking to curtail. Then again, appreciating anything about immigration — least of all the ironies of our endless debate

Sarah Palin: Don’t Vote for ANYONE Who Ignores the Constitution [READ]

Something must be done soon to address the humanitarian crisis developing along our southern border, as President Obama’s lax enforcement of immigration policies has resulted in a flood of illegal immigrants coming across the border, many of them unaccompanied children. Texas has stepped up and announced a “border surge” to shut down the border by

Sarah Palin: If Congress Had œGuts, They’d Impeach Obama

 The Obama administration has virtually thrown open the southern border of our country.  They are making minimal efforts, if any, to guard against illegal immigration and criminal activity.  Border Patrol agent’s hands have been tied, and states are having to defend the border by themselves. They have even been advertising to the various central American

5 Disastrous Obama Policy Decisions That Have Already Blown Up In His Face

John Hawkins  The only reason liberalism survives is because there’s usually a good bit of lag between when a policy is being implemented and the time when the American people get to see the results. If Americans could somehow magically see what would happen in a decade or two after a liberal policy has passed,

Ohio Must Restore Three Days of Early Voting, Judge Rules

A U.S. judge in Ohio threw out a Republican-backed law that cut three days of early voting for most of the state’s citizens, handing a victory to President Barack Obama’s campaign organization. In a third setback for Republican-sponsored election law changes this week, U.S. District Judge Peter Economus in Columbus ruled that Ohio can’t give

Video Answers Why Some Succumb to Hate


The Jewish world is still coping with the aftermath of Monday’s violence in Jerusalem. Today Reuven Rivlin, the Speaker of Israel’s Knesset visited a 17-year-old Arab in the hospital where he was still recovering from injuries inflicted by a gang of Jewish teenagers who assaulted him and two others in the capital’s Zion Square. Rivlin

Black Teens Beat White Man Because They Were Bored – Where is Sharpton and Jackson?

victim of beating by 6 black teens

I live just south of Cincinnati, Ohio and a local news story has caught my attention. Six black teenagers were bored, so they decided to attack and beat up a helpless white man who was walking down the street minding his own business. The victim had just finished some shopping at a local Ameristop and