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Hillary Clinton is not the Future, and neither are her Illiterate Slogans

Kevin D. Williamson, Hillary Rodham Clinton has had an odd career for a feminist icon. Her main occupation has consisted of being the long-suffering wife of a powerful man, infamous for treating subordinate women as disposable conveniences, who abused her ruthlessly and humiliated her publicly. In exchange for standing by her man, she was given

Powell reveals disgust with Trump, distaste for Clinton in hacked emails

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell revealed distaste for both U.S. presidential candidates, but leveled his most pointed criticism at Republican Donald Trump in hacked emails leaked by a group American intelligence officials suspect is linked to Russia. In an email to Reuters on Wednesday, Powell confirmed the authenticity of the thousands of hacked messages

Powell warned Clinton not to make him fall guy over email scandal, leaked messages reveal

Leaked messages from former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s email account showed Tuesday that he attempted to persuade Hillary Clinton and her aides from using him as a scapegoat for the controversy surrounding her private email server. According to The Intercept, Powell wrote to one confidant that he told Clinton several times not to blame

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell gave Clinton tips for private email use

The top Democrat on the House committee investigating Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email system released an email exchange Wednesday between former Secretary of State Colin Powell and Clinton in which he advised her on circumventing State Department servers. The exchange between Clinton and Powell, two days before the start of

Hillary to FBI: Yes, Colin Powell Warned Me, But I Used Private Email Scheme Anyway

Neil W. McCabe, Hillary R. Clinton, the Democratic nominee for president, told FBI agents and three DOJ employees, whose names the FBI redacted, that she received an email from former secretary of state Colin Powell warning her that, whether her email was sent on private or government email systems, it was still to be treated

Romanian hacker who says he breached Clinton server finalizing plea deal

The Romanian hacker who claimed he easily breached Hillary Clinton’s personal email server is finalizing a plea deal with the FBI and U.S. attorney, Fox News has learned. Marcel Lehel Lazar, the 44-year-old hacker also known as “Guccifer,” first gave indications he wanted to cooperate with the U.S. government in mid-April, during an interview with

New Poll Shows Nearly HALF Of Sanders Supporters Might Switch To Trump, It would be a monumental shift of millions. Whispers of a mass defection of Bernie Sanders supporters that might turn into an #anyonebutHillary moment in November have been circulating in recent weeks but were markedly intensified in recent days. And now a still-active AOL poll has well over 40% of participants indicating they would

Companies Squeeze 401K Plans From Facebook to JPMorgan

 Employers are squeezing their workers’ retirement savings, holding back on both the amount and the timing of 401(k) matching funds and dragging out vesting schedules. Taken together, these measures are making it more difficult to save for old age. Major companies that have engaged in such practices in recent years include Whole Foods Market Inc.