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In Hillary We Don’t Trust: The Democratic front-runner just can’t hide her lyin’ eyes

Ashley Pratte, It is no secret that Clinton’s poll numbers are terrible when it comes to honesty and trustworthiness. Many voters have a negative opinion of her according to polling from various outlets. The most recent one conducted in March, a Washington Post/ABC News poll, showed 57 percent of people think that Clinton is dishonest

Beards and Plagues and Locusts for Obamacare – See Jay Carney’s New Look

John Ransom Yes I realize it was an April Fools joke. On April 1st, the White House announced the formation of the President’s Council on Beards. Ha, ha… huh? “Today,” wrote the White House website for April Fools, “President Obama announced the creation of the President’s Council on Beards, a committee of volunteer citizens and