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New FBI revelations cement belief that Clinton is an unrepentant, serial liar

Ari Lieberman, Obama’s Email Alias With Clinton Raises Disturbing Questions. President Obama has provoked even greater concern regarding Hillary Clinton’s far-reaching email scandal with revelations that he used an undisclosed pseudonym in email communications that were routed through her private email server. The email dates back to 2012 during Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state and information relating to

Harvard Law School: Protecting Anti-Semites, Targeting Conservative Students

Ari Lieberman, Harvard employs Gestapo tactics to track right-wing bloggers while shielding leftist hate group leader. Unless you’ve been in hibernation for the last few days, you’ve almost certainly come across the name Husam El Qoulaq, the rabidly anti-Israeli, third-year Harvard Law School student who hurled an anti-Semitic trope at an Israeli parliamentarian during a