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Obama Commerce Department Shows One ACA-led Tax Cost Industry 28k Jobs

Armstrong Williams, In a corner of the U.S. Department of Commerce website cluttered with millions of statistics and data sits a series of numbers that paint a stark reality of Obamacare. Most notably, just how much damage one tax created by this onerous law has wielded on U.S. manufacturers across the country. Earlier this morning,

First Lessons for the Trump White House

Armstrong Williams, We are barely two weeks into the presidency of Donald J. Trump, and a few things are becoming evident, while still others are slowly crystalizing around a man and an administration that will truly be unlike any other this institution has seen. And the hard truth is: He is completely comfortable with that

Fires in Israel Could Spell Danger Ahead for America

Armstrong Williams, Thousands of firefighters risked their lives in Israel over the past week as they battled hundreds of fierce wildfires. Neighboring friendly nations, including Croatia, Greece, Jordan, Egypt, Italy, Russia and Turkey, did not hesitate to come to Israel’s aid, sending additional personnel and firefighting aircraft. Never to be outdone, on Saturday, the United

Ben Carson would give ‘very serious consideration’ to Cabinet post

Less than a week after saying he would not seek a Cabinet position in the Trump administration, the retired neurosurgeon told Fox News Channel’s “Fox Report Weekend” on Sunday that he was open to accepting a spot on Trump’s White House team. “Basically, I’ve said my preference is to be outside and to act as

Our Media Elite

Armstrong Williams, As the largest minority broadcast television owner, I have an interesting perspective as it pertains to the news and reporting. Knowing that millions of Americans rely on the local news and print journalist for information pertinent to their respective communities. The media has an obligation to be as balanced as possible in their reporting, but millions

A Time To Heal and Get Real

Armstrong Williams, Now that all the media, the pollsters and the prognosticators have been proven woefully wrong, and as the reality sets in that the United States actually elected Donald Trump as its 45th President, we need to come together and begin to heal the deep wounds that emerged during this epic battle for the