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Trump Pivots to General Election: No sign he will change his strategy, but should he?

Ashley Pratte, Polizette This presidential cycle has seen the end for politics as usual, and so-called political experts have been left scratching their heads. Donald Trump’s dominance over the GOP primary field was fueled by enthusiasm-driven turnout, negating the necessity of a traditional ground game. But will that strategy work in the general election against the well-oiled Clinton machine? Trump

Winning on Second Ballot Is Risky Plan #OnlyTrump

Ashley Pratte, At an open convention, pandemonium will reign — and all bets are off then. As the Republican primary heats up, there’s something on everyone’s mind — the possibility of a contested convention. In the scenario, a candidate without the majority of the popular vote could win the nomination. If no candidate has reached

Trump Getting Outplayed: GOP front-runner faces obstacles in quest for delegates

Ashley Pratte, Even though the baseball season has just begun, “inside baseball” within state GOP conventions has been underway for months. So far, Sen. Ted Cruz is hitting home runs while Donald Trump is striking out. The Trump campaign is suffering major blows in the delegate hunt even after hiring a veteran convention manager and delegate

Liberal Hypocrisy: The Connection Between Guns and Abortion

Ashley Pratte  After spending time at the NRA convention in Indianapolis this weekend, I took to social media to post photos of myself holding various rifles. As a result it sparked some conversation from liberals about how gun violence is plaguing our nation and that organizations like the NRA are pure evil. Well, it’s time