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Obama has conspired to incite violence, looting, arson, assault against law enforcement

Daniel Greenfield, A Black Sergeant Brings Obama and Black Lives Matter to Justice. “Obama has conspired with all Defendants and others to incite violence, looting, arson, assault against law enforcement and helpless communities with the purpose of making a new ‘fundamentally transformed America’ appear preferable to the crime waves and chaos they themselves are creating.”

Black Lives Matter Demands an Air Tax for Slavery Reparations

Daniel Greenfield, Freeing cop killers, black welfare checks and no more automation. Follow the money. Black Lives Matter was never really about protesting whatever drug dealer, robber or petty criminal was the latest to die in another violent confrontation with the police. Its founders, left-wing gay activists with a professional interest in community organizing, had

Obama’s Links to Pro-Terrorist Groups

Cliff Kincaid | Accuracy in Media, We now have evidence of contacts between Saudi officials and some of the September 11 hijackers. An old classified document has been declassified. On an equally, if not more important and current matter, what about the evidence of contacts between the Obama White House and the pro-terrorist Muslim Brotherhood?