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Grizzlies, Guns, and Games of Gotcha: How the Left Whiffed on Betsy DeVos

Robert G. Holland, Who is “smarter than the average bear?” Well, maybe Yogi Bear, the Hanna-Barbera cartoon character who regularly made that boast, but not the caricature of U.S. Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos as presented by those most sternly opposing her Senate confirmation. Ripping out of context one DeVos response to a question posed at the

Ga. official under fire for ‘racist pig’ Facebook post directed at Rep. Lewis #SpeakFreely

A Georgia county commissioner is being urged to resign after calling civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis a “racist pig” in a Facebook post days before Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Gwinnett County commissioner Tommy Hunter’s comments likely stemmed from a war of words between Lewis, D-Ga., and President-elect Donald Trump. Lewis told NBC’s “Meet

Trump Courts Governors of States With Skeptical Republican Senators

Just four weeks from the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump is scrambling to shore up support for his presidential nomination by strengthening ties with governors in states where Republican senators have criticized his campaign. Trump has met in recent days with several governors presiding over states where senators have been outspoken in their recent criticism of the presumptive

Trump Targeting Crossover Support to Remake U.S. Election Map

The “crossover support” that presumptive nominee Donald Trump has attracted in winning Republican primaries this year will help him compete in states that have gone Democratic for decades in presidential elections, according to a top aide. “We are in the process now of organizing the framework for the strategy of our general election campaign,” Paul

Indiana Get Out the Vote Tuesday May 3rd #TrumpTrain

Indiana May Signal Trump Can’t Be Stopped. A victory for Donald Trump in Indiana tomorrow may kill Ted Cruz and John Kasich’s hopes of stopping him from clinching the GOP nomination outright. After initial surveys depicted a neck-and-neck battle between Trump and Cruz in the state’s GOP primary, more recent ones have shown the businessman

Drug Unit Involved in Injury to Ga. Toddler Killed a Pastor in 2009

 Despite the emotional expressions of regret and concern for the family, the SWAT officers responsible for tossing the flash-bang grenade that injured a toddler in Georgia are still on the job. In fact, in a conversation with The New American, the Habersham County Sheriff’s Office retorts that there is no current investigation into the tragic events