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Attorney General Sessions is Right to Clean House #DrainTheSwamp

Daniel Greenfield, The last month has demonstrated with painful clarity that the government needs a thorough spring cleaning. Political appointees should be put out the door, cleanly, neatly and efficiently. The more gentlemanly approach of this administration to the transition was repaid with a variety of dirty attacks and sabotage from inside the government. Removing

AG Sessions steps aside from Russia probe, denies misleading Congress

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Thursday he will recuse himself from “any existing or future investigations” regarding the 2016 presidential campaign, responding to bipartisan pressure to step aside from a probe into Moscow meddling amid revelations he spoke twice with Russia’s ambassador and didn’t disclose it to Congress. In a press conference Thursday afternoon, Sessions

Promises to Keep: The “Law and Order” president hits the ground running.

Michael Cutler, During his campaign for the presidency Donald Trump frequently disdainfully scowled when he spoke about how most politicians were “All talk and no action.” Candidate Trump promised that immigration would be a primary focus of his administration. President Trump has indeed focused on multiple aspects of the immigration crisis that go well beyond