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Send the Refugees to Hawaii

Todd Starnes, There is more judicial tyranny to warn you about. The latest – Judge Derrick Watson of Hawaii – he blocked President Trump’s temporary immigration ban. The president called Judge Watson’s decision unprecedented judicial overreach. Critics say it’s a ban on Muslims. But that’s not true. It’s a ban on refugees from countries infested

Attorney General Sessions is Right to Clean House #DrainTheSwamp

Daniel Greenfield, The last month has demonstrated with painful clarity that the government needs a thorough spring cleaning. Political appointees should be put out the door, cleanly, neatly and efficiently. The more gentlemanly approach of this administration to the transition was repaid with a variety of dirty attacks and sabotage from inside the government. Removing

AG Sessions asks remaining 46 US attorneys to resign #YourFired

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has asked the remaining 46 U.S. attorneys to resign, the Justice Department announced Friday, describing the move as part of an effort to ensure a “uniform transition.”   The department said some U.S. attorneys, as in prior transitions, already had left the department. Now, “the Attorney General has now asked the

ACLU files ethics complaint against Sessions with Alabama Bar Disciplinary Commission

Catherine Herridge, The ACLU has submitted an ethics complaint with the Alabama State Bar Disciplinary Commission against Attorney General Jeff Sessions, alleging the former senator violated the code of conduct during his confirmation hearing testimony. “Mr. Sessions is the Attorney General of the United States and violated Rule 8.4 of the Alabama Rules of Professional

Atty General Sessions May Use Outside Counsel to Investigate Holder/Lynch DOJ

Daniel Greenfield, Like a musty old house that was used as a trash dump, the Justice Department needs major cleaning up. As does much of the government. But the DOJ remains more mission critical. And as it clear, there is no honeymoon for President Trump. And scandals will be constantly generated and drip fed. The

Sessions Smear Showcases Dems’ Neo-McCarthyism

Eddie Zipperer, Lifezette Liberals put partisanship above patriotism in drive to tie Trump allies to Putin. Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave an insufficiently nuanced answer during his Senate hearing and it has Democrats demanding he resign. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) — in his biggest emotional overreaction since he cried about President Donald Trump’s travel

Nancy Pelosi Contorts Herself Into A Pretzel

Aaron Bandler, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) tied herself in knots this week trying to explain how the meeting between former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and President Bill Clinton was different from Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ previous meetings with the Russian ambassador. Pelosi was asked by a reporter on Thursday if she was being consistent in her call for

Sessions Controversy Plan by Dems to ‘Obstruct or Delegitimize’ Trump Agenda

Dr. Susan Berry, The former ambassador to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights says the controversy over Attorney General Jeff Sessions is part of a plan by Democrats to undermine the presidency of Donald Trump. “Even before President Trump raised his hand to take the oath of office, Democrats were announcing their plans to engage in anything that

Get real, Democrats, there is no good reason for Sessions to resign

Hans A. von Spakovsky, Talk about “over the top”! The overblown rhetoric accompanying calls for Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ resignation reveals that Thursday’s brouhaha is driven by mere political grandstanding, not a real concern over unlawful behavior. There’s a reason for that: the total lack of evidence that any illegal behavior occurred. What sparked Thurday’s

AG Sessions steps aside from Russia probe, denies misleading Congress

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Thursday he will recuse himself from “any existing or future investigations” regarding the 2016 presidential campaign, responding to bipartisan pressure to step aside from a probe into Moscow meddling amid revelations he spoke twice with Russia’s ambassador and didn’t disclose it to Congress. In a press conference Thursday afternoon, Sessions

Forget liberal media spin, Trump can tout lots of accomplishments on Tuesday night

Gov. Matt Bevin, I was in Washington, D.C. this weekend attending a meeting of the National Governors Association. On February 28, a day after our meetings conclude, President Trump will address a joint session of Congress. Despite an unprecedented level of criticism from the largely liberal media, much of it unwarranted and unfair, the president will have many impressive accomplishments

What to Expect from Scott Pruitt as EPA Administrator

Calvin Beisner, The Senate’s confirmation of Scott Pruitt as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency is a historic step toward the recovery of America’s Constitutional order after years of regulatory overreach. It also puts at the helm of one of the most powerful federal regulatory agencies someone committed to the rule of law, agency transparency,