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Suspected White House fence jumper charged with carrying ‘dangerous weapon’

Federal attorneys on Saturday identified the person who allegedly jumped a White House fence Friday night and got so deep into the compound that he was seen hiding behind one the mansion’s column before being apprehended. The suspect has been identified as Jonathan Tuan Tran, 26, of Milpitas, Calif., according the U.S. Attorney’s Office and

Immigration violations are majority of federal cases for first time

For the first time, immigration violations now make up more than half of all federal prosecutions, easily outpacing drugs, fraud, organized crime, weapons charges and other crimes. In the last fiscal year, 52 percent of all federal prosecutions – 69,636 cases – involved an immigration violation, compared to 63,405 prosecutions for all other federal crimes,

U.S. prosecutors regroup for second trial in Oregon occupation

U.S. prosecutors on Friday regrouped to strategize for their next trial of armed militants who occupied a wildlife center in Oregon the day after seven others at a related trial were surprisingly acquitted of all charges. The group’s leader, Ammon Bundy, and six others were declared not guilty on Thursday of conspiracy charges stemming from

Ibragim Todashev the FBI’s Killing Report from State Attorney’s Office, Autopsy Photo

 The following report and documentation was released by the Florida State Attorney’s Office on March 25, 2014.     The following images were originally published after being displayed at a press conference held in Moscow by Ibragim Todashev’s father Abdul-Baki Todashev on May 30, 2013.  Ibragim Todashev was shot seven times  in his Orlando, Florida apartment on May