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Feds preparing to charge Bundy ranch supporters over Utah protest

 Federal officials have opened up an investigation into whether or not Cliven Bundy supporters damaged a protected archaeological site when they rode all-terrain vehicles through it during a weekend protest. On Saturday, hundreds of protesters gathered near southern Utah’s Recapture Canyon, voicing their opposition to the fact that the area has been closed to recreational

Eminent Domain: Couple Finds Out That Land Is Only Their Own Until the Government Wants It

The Organic Prepper Imagine this: You do your research and you choose a retreat property far off the beaten path.  You spend time and money developing it, making it your own.  Maybe it is a vacation home, or maybe you’re a prepper and this is your bug-out location. Regardless of the reason you chose it,

Watch a Congressional Candidate Shoot Down a ╦ťGovernment Drone’

House contender Matt Rosendale of Montana wants Big Brother out of his airspace. As a “government drone” hovers over Matt Rosendale, the Republican House candidate from Montana tells the camera what he thinks of government overreach, regulation, and “spying on our citizens.” Then, standing in front of an ATV, Rosendale coolly puts a rifle to