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A Thinking Mom’s Message for Jimmy Kimmel

Michelle Malkin, I feel your pain. But please use your brain. On Monday, late-night TV comedian Jimmy Kimmel delivered an emotional monologue about his newborn son. His baby was born with a congenital heart defect that required emergency open-heart surgery. Millions of American parents, myself included, have walked in Kimmel’s shoes. We’ve experienced the terrifying

Extremism in Defense of Autonomy

Mike Adams, When confronted with opposition to abortion, many feminists reflexively assert that it is “(Their) body” and, therefore, “(their) choice.” Notice that I have used the term “assert” instead of “argue.” In order for an assertion to become an argument it must be accompanied by evidence. There simply is no evidence to support the

Michelle Malkin: Ultrasound, The Anti-Science Left’s Bugaboo

Abortion extremists are the new Luddites. Remember Ned Ludd from your grade-school history lessons? He was the Occupy Wall Street agitator of his time — a phantom leader of early 19th-century British textile workers who vindictively smashed spinning jenny power looms to bits in a desperate bid to halt technological progress. Now, it’s radical feminists

The Complexity of Creation

Robert Knight, The week after Christmas, leading up to the New Year, can be the richest time for reflection. Holiday gift-buying is over, the presents are unwrapped or even returned, and not much happens in the news. One can sit back and contemplate those moments in which the Christmas spirit overcomes worldly concerns, such as

The Senate Report on Planned Parenthood No One Is Talking About

Phelim McAleer, After they were eventually shamed into covering the Kermit Gosnell trial – many in the media admitted they should have covered it earlier and more vigorously. Some of the more honest journalists and outlets also admitted they had not reported on it because of their biases and reluctance to write about a story

Most Millennials Favor School Choice, Survey Finds

Elizabeth BeShears, Most millennials view school choice programs favorably, a new study has found. The authors of the EdChoice “2016 Schooling in America” report included an expanded sampling of millennials, those born between 1981 and 1997, “in an effort to better understand where this generation of current and future school parents compares with others (and the

Diocese investigates Texas priest for Aborted Fetus Video: “Graphic Warning”

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Amarillo has launched an investigation into Father Frank Pavone, a priest belonging to the Diocese who is one of 34 Catholic leaders advising President-elect Donald J. Trump, in response to a Facebook Live video featuring a fetus posted Sunday morning to Pavone’s Facebook page. “Father Frank Pavone has posted a