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Trump, New York Times war reignites over transition coverage

Donald Trump resumed his war with The New York Times on Wednesday after a brief respite following last week’s upset victory, going on a Twitter tear over The Gray Lady’s claims that his transition team is in disarray and foreign leaders are struggling to reach him. The president-elect made his case in trademark fashion, letting

James Comey Gets BAD News His Days May Be Numbered

Cassy Fiano, Many Americans had renewed hope that Hillary Clinton might be brought to justice when FBI Director James Comey announced that the investigation into Hillary Clinton was being reopened. But just a few short days later, Comey then announced that there would be no new charges filed. Now, it’s Comey who should be worried.


In what has become now a standard page out of the tired Clinton playbook, the Clinton campaign has released a letter from over 300 pro-offshoring economists denouncing Donald Trump. This appears to be a belated Hail Mary response to a September 26th letter from over 300 economists insisting “Hillary Clinton’s economic agenda is wrong for

Ben Carson on the Trump-hating press: Americans must see through the manipulation

Jennifer Harper, THE ANTI-TRUMP AVALANCHE Coverage of sexual assault allegations against GOP nominee Donald Trump is a classic media frenzy. Despite this, at least three significant polls have emerged with the GOP nominee in the lead. Meanwhile, Mr. Trump has defenders ready to push back at the mainstream press, including Rudolph Giuliani, Jerry Falwell, Jr.

April Will Be VERY BAD MONTH for Cruz¦ He’ll PROBABLY FINISH THIRD in Delegates (VIDEO)

Gateway Pundit | Jim Hoft Manafort says April will be a very bad month for Ted Cruz. Paul Manafort, Donald Trump Convention Manager, joined Sean Hannity tonight to discuss the current state of the Republican race. Manafort says April will be a very bad month for Ted Cruz. Paul Manafort: The whole premise of the