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Under Republican President Trump, the Media Rediscovers Its Purpose

Larry Elder, Only hours into his new job, White House press secretary Sean Spicer attacked the media for what he called “dishonesty” and “deliberately false reporting.” He specifically challenged the reporting that said President Donald Trump’s inauguration had a smaller audience than the inaugurations of President Barack Obama and that Trump removed the bust of

Who for Secretary of State?

Robert Charles, No doubt Rudi Guiliani, a staunch loyalist and the face of our grieving Nation on 9/11, would make an excellent Secretary of State.   That said, he is more Richard Armitage than Colin Powell, more cut to the chase than the 35-year military man, more maverick than mollifier.  Mitt Romney?  Steady mollifier, a proven

10 years on, WikiLeaks and Julian Assange as controversial as ever

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this week, anonymous whistleblowing platform WikiLeaks can look back on a decade that saw it turn classified documents into global headlines and inspire a host of copycat leaks. But with founder Julian Assange hiding in Ecuador’s London embassy to evade rape allegations and critics accusing the site of being manipulated by

The Turning Tide

Raymond Tanter, Note: Co-authored by Col. (Ret.) Wes Martin, Former Antiterrorism/Force Protection for Coalition Forces–Iraq The breaking news is in the title: “The Turning Tide.” On Sep. 12, 2016, Secretary of State John Kerry made a statement that reflected a shift away from the Iranian regime in favor of its main opposition when he announced in unusually

DEADLY DAY IN BAGHDAD: At least 83 killed, 176 wounded in separate bombings

At least 83 people have been killed and 176 wounded in two separate bomb attacks in the Iraqi capital Sunday morning, Iraqi officials said. In the deadliest attack, a car bomb hit Karada, a busy shopping district in the center of Baghdad, killing 78 people and wounding 160, according to police and hospital officials. It

Why Are There 12 American Generals Leading the War in Iraq That Doesn’t Exist?

Claire Bernish, Baghdad, Iraq — A new report released Thursday revealed that a surprising number of military generals have been deployed to fight Daesh (ISIS, ISIL) — the very war the United States denies it’s actually fighting. As The Daily Beast explains in an exclusive report: “There are at least 12 U.S. generals in Iraq,

Iraq Disputes Authenticity Of Video Showing Islamic State Leader Calling For ‘Jihad’

 A video purported to show Islamic State (IS) leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi delivering a July 4 sermon in Mosul, and ordering Muslims to “obey” his calls for “jihad,” is being described as “indisputably” fake by an Iraqi government spokesman. As Breitbart News reported on June 29, the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) declared