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America Still Needs George Washington

Brion McClanahan, In just a few days, the Senate will conduct its annual reading of Washington’s Farewell Address. The tradition began in 1862 and has continued unabated since 1896. Washington had both James Madison and Alexander Hamilton prepare the letter, and some speculate that the final draft was more Hamilton than Washington, but it has

Judges Join the ‘Resistance’

Andy Schlafly, Judge Leonie Brinkema of Alexandria, Virginia has become the latest federal judge to join the “resistance” to Donald Trump. She joins Judge James Robart of Seattle, whose political decision against Trump was upheld by three judges of the Ninth Circuit. Resistance has become the rallying cry for those who failed to defeat Trump

Comey: ‘Misleading to the American people were we not to supplement the record’

Daniel Chaitin, FBI Director James Comey said he attempted to strike a “balance” in how he reopened the investigation on classified information in Hillary Clinton‘s emails because “there is significant risk of being misunderstood” so close to the Nov. 8 election. Normal procedure during an ongoing investigation was circumvented when he informed lawmakers Friday of

Oil Prices Rise as Market May Not Be Oversupplied

Oil prices rose early on Tuesday as some analysts said markets might not be quite as oversupplied as suggested by many, with global inventories rising less than expected ahead of the high-demand winter heating season in the northern hemisphere. A drop in the dollar away from seven-month highs the previous day also supported crude, as

The one thing that could tip the balance in the next presidential debate

Bruce Ashford, There is one thing that could tip the balance in an increasingly tight race for the presidency, and it is the one thing that probably will not be mentioned—much less emphasized—during Monday night’s presidential debate. Here’s to hope. There are a number of things I’d like to see happen during the second presidential

California Charter School Advocates Spend Millions on Primary Candidates

Elizabeth BeShears, Groups supporting charter schools were responsible for nearly one-third of the record $27.9 million of independent expenditures spent on California’s primary races this year. The groups—including the Parent Teacher Alliance, sponsored by the California Charter Schools Association Advocates and EdVoice—spent millions of dollars on more than 40 candidates pursuing seats in the California

You Need To Suck It Up And Vote For Trump

Kurt Schlichter, Opinion Donald Trump is a vulgar clown posing as a conservative, unmoored to any coherent ideology. He has generated unprecedented opposition and the contempt of people across the political spectrum. He is unbound to any principle other than his own appetite for adulation. And those very factors that make him so appalling also