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Arctic blasts causing heavy snow, freezing conditions across the U.S.

A pair of blasts of frigid arctic air have caused extreme cold and snowy weather conditions across the United States. The second such gust of arctic air began to move south from Canada on Wednesday and spread east and south across the Midwest and into the southern Plains causing dangerous conditions throughout the weekend, according

Walter E. Williams: A Constitutional Right to Literacy

Detroit school students, represented by the Los Angeles-based public interest firm Public Counsel, filed suit last month against the state of Michigan, claiming a legal right to literacy based on the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. Ninety-three percent of Detroit’s predominantly black public school eighth-graders are not proficient in reading, and 96 percent are not

LGBT activists enraged over beach patrol bathroom email

Todd Starnes,  The Left has given common sense a great big swirly, America. Consider the plight of Captain Butch Arbin, a 40-year veteran of the beach patrol in Ocean City, Md. He’s facing the wrath of City Hall and militant LGBT activists over his handling of a bathroom controversy involving male and female lifeguards. Female

The state of the state ObamaCare exchanges

Most national media attention has been focused on the federal ObamaCare exchange, which serves 36 states.  The remaining state exchanges get less news coverage, although occasionally an ObamaCare apologist will claim they’re doing much better than the federal train wreck. Our first hint that this claim might not be entirely accurate comes from Maryland –

The 2013 Holiday Season’s Hottest Online Sales

Thus far, it’s been a fairly meh holiday season for retailers, with extraordinarily price-sensitive consumers holding off on making purchases unless an amazing deal is staring them in the face. It’s been an especially competitive shopping season for retailers. The autumn federal government shut down, stagnant wages among the middle class, and continued economic uncertainty