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What Stores Are Opening On Thanksgiving & When Do Stores Open On Black Friday?

Thanksgiving is usually the big day on the calendar in November, but this year the holiday took a backseat to Election Day — so much so that many people say they delayed the start of their holiday shopping until after the votes had been counted. Now here we are, with only a few days to

Hillary’s Shady Dealings Catch Up with Her, What Might Happen to Her?

Keith Koffler, Lifezette  Another Clinton making backroom deals to help her friends is just what this country doesn’t need. At the very moment both the left and the right are yearning for an outsider president who doesn’t do business as usual, Democrats are on the cusp of nominating the most egregious insider of them all.

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and headlines the Boston Globe will never show you

The cat is out of the bag. The mainstream media in America no longer even pretends to hide their bias and disdain against Republicans. Exhibit A was Sunday’s edition of the Boston Globe dedicated to headlines about what America might look like under a President Donald Trump.  But how could a major American newspaper print

Senate Committee to Vote on Anti-Gun Judge, Robert Wilkins for Nation’s 2nd-Highest Court


AmmoLand Washington, DC –-( The Senate Judiciary Committee will soon begin the first step in taking anti-gun judges and “court-packing” them into what is widely regarded as the nation’s second-most-important court — the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. And, unlike anti-gun judges with no “paper trail,” the nominee, Robert Wilkins, has a particularly virulent anti-gun record.