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Divine Referendum

Barney Brenner, It’s hard to think of a better depiction for the current presidential race. We’re at a critical crossroad. Hillary Clinton would continue Obama’s abhorrent agenda for undermining the rule of law, eradicating our borders, and abrogating our freedoms. America would become a country our forebears wouldn’t recognize. A Trump win would give a

Tax Attacks: Understanding Leftist Strategy

Barney Brenner,  It was never about Donald Trump’s tax returns. Or Mitt Romney’s. For the Left, it’s ALWAYS about the attack. Since well before the days of Saul Alinsky, their political strategy has not been to produce better candidates or policies. They’re incapable of that. It’s about the destruction of their opposition. In Rules for

Donald Trump will win the presidency – in a landslide #Election2016

Barney Brenner,  If it hasn’t registered yet, you saw it here first. It’ll be YUGE. This isn’t idle speculation or desperate desire. Just look at his primary results and his public appearances for proof. Trump drove RECORD turnout to win the Republican nomination. He’ll do the same in the general. His rallies draw thousands who