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DC Economics ‘Experts’: Too Much ‘DC’ – Not Enough ‘Economics’

Seton Motley, Steve Forbes, Larry Kudlow, Arthur B. Laffer and Stephen Moore are four big name Washington, D.C. free market economic “experts.”  They have for decades been ensconced inside the Beltway – doling out their brands of reform.  But as we have seen from nigh anyone who enters the belly of the DC Beast – people grow comfortable, and start

Will Washington Republicans succumb to Beltway-itis?

Steve Forbes, You won’t find the disease Beltway-itis in a medical dictionary, but it’s nonetheless a very real affliction. In the heady government atmosphere of Washington D.C., policymakers, politicos and bureaucrats too often forget or even show disdain for the people they supposedly serve. The more time a person spends inside the Beltway, the more

Trump’s Plan to Shift to Territorial Tax System Will Make America Great Again

Steve Sherman, It’s been a whirlwind of action since President Donald Trump took his seat in the oval office.  Love him or hate him, he has turned the much-derided executive order on its head. Signing orders at a breakneck pace and with the stroke of a pen, he has fulfilled many of his campaign promises.