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2016 U.S. Merchandise Trade Deficit: $734,316,300,000

Terence P. Jeffrey | CNS News, China was the greatest contributor to the U.S. merchandise trade deficit for the year. The United States ran a merchandise trade deficit of $734,316,300,000 in 2016, according to data released today by the Census Bureau. During 2016, the U.S. imported $2,188,940,500,000 in goods but exported only $1,454,624,200,000. The People’s

Flight 370’s Loss Changes Minds About Real-Time Tracking

 Clinging to wreckage in the Indian Ocean, Bahia Bakari could hear the cries of other plane-crash survivors in the darkened waters around her. As the night wore on and no rescuers arrived, the voices gradually silenced until there were none, she said afterward, according to France’s Bureau of Investigations and Analysis. It wasn’t until hours