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William Weld for VP? He’d Get My Vote #TeamTrump

Jeff Jacoby, William Weld ran for governor of Massachusetts in 1990 on a platform of unabashed libertarian conservatism, and for one brief shining moment after taking office in January 1991, he actually seemed to mean it. In his inaugural address, he declared that the people of Massachusetts had “voted to disenthrall themselves from the failed

Dissenters in a One-Party Statehouse – Massachusetts Legislature

Jeff Jacoby  By votes so lopsided they were practically unanimous, 144-7 in the House and 38-1 in the Senate, the Massachusetts Legislature last week approved a $36.5 billion budget for fiscal 2015, the largest in state history. The puny band of Republicans who voted against the budget — Senator Robert Hedlund and Representatives James Lyons,

House Bill 4111: A ‘Classic Sweetheart Deal’

Jeff Jacoby GREGORY SULLIVAN was appalled. The former state inspector general was studying House Bill 4111, the legislation authorizing a $1.1 billion expansion of the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. The bill, which sailed through the House of Representatives last week on a 130-19 vote, would empower the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority not only to