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Ellen DeGeneres: Trump Not Welcome On My Show

Jerome Hudson, Daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres says President Donald Trump is not welcome on her show. In an interview with Today host Matt Lauer Thursday, DeGeneres was asked if she would ever invite the president on her show for an interview, as she did with former president Barack Obama and former 2016 presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. “Um, no,”

Thomas Sowell: The Global Warming Swindle

Thomas Sowell, Posted: Mar 15, 2007 Britain’s Channel 4 has produced a devastating documentary titled “The Great Global Warming Swindle.” It has apparently not been broadcast by any of the networks in the United States. But, fortunately, it is available on the Internet. Distinguished scientists specializing in climate and climate-related fields talk in plain English

Sanctuary cities fight: Judge who blocked Trump order a Democrat activist

Christopher Wallace, The judge who struck down a Trump administration crackdown on sanctuary cities is a hard-core Democrat activist whose life has been steeped in liberal politics since childhood. Judge William Orrick III, 63, who on Tuesday blocked the administration from withholding federal funds from cities that don’t cooperate with federal immigration officials, attended the

The “Resistance” Democrats are a Terrorist Party

Daniel Greenfield, The Democrats have committed to overthrowing our government. What does #Resistance really mean? It means the overthrow of our government. In this century, Democrats rejected the outcomes of two presidential elections won by Republicans. After Bush won, they settled for accusing him of being a thief, an idiot, a liar, a draft dodger

UN Adviser Claims Trump Won’t Last 4 Years in Office

Paul Joseph Watson | Infowars, Jean Ziegler predicts “moral insurrection” will oust president. An adviser to the UN Human Rights Council predicts that Donald Trump will be forced to leave office before his 4-year term is up due to “psychiatric problems” or “pressure”. Jean Ziegler, who according to CNS News, “has a history of sympathizing

Hannity Accuses CBS of ‘Fake Edited News’ After it Airs Clips from Ted Koppel Interview

Cortney O’Brien, Fox News anchor Sean Hannity did a 45-minute interview with CBS’ Ted Koppel over the weekend about the media’s role in American politics. Koppel, who prides himself on being a non-biased journalist, made clear to Hannity that he believes his opinion-style news show is damaging to the country. Hannity: “You think I’m bad

America, this is the most important political story of the year

Many Americans voted for Donald Trump because they feared that a Democrat winning the White House would appoint yet another liberal judge to the Supreme Court. In recent times, the court has often ruled on politics — not the law. Many Americans fear that, including this one. Mr. Trump nominated 49-year-old Neil Gorsuch from Colorado,

A Post-Racial Society is Racist and Other Things Ibram X. Kendi Taught Me

Daniel Greenfield, The National Book Award goes to a ridiculous racist. The 2015 National Book Award winner wrote that the police officers and firefighters who dashed in to save people in the World Trade Center on 9/11 were “menaces of nature” and “not human to me”. After the National Book Foundation disgraced itself with its