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Republicans blast FBI for ‘astonishing’ agreement to destroy Clinton aides’ laptops

Top-ranking Republicans on Wednesday escalated their inquiry into a controversial FBI agreement to destroy the laptops of two Hillary Clinton aides questioned in the email scandal investigation, pressing Attorney General Loretta Lynch for answers and suggesting the deal obstructed congressional investigators. The agreement to destroy the computers, the lawmakers wrote Wednesday in a letter to

FBI agreed to destroy laptops of Clinton aides with immunity deal

Immunity deals for two top Hillary Clinton aides included a side arrangement obliging the FBI to destroy their laptops after reviewing the devices, House Judiciary Committee sources told Fox News on Monday.  Sources said the arrangement with former Clinton chief of staff Cheryl Mills and ex-campaign staffer Heather Samuelson also limited the search to no

Top Clinton aide Mills reportedly walks out of FBI interview about emails

Senior Hillary Clinton aide Cheryl Mills and her lawyer walked out of a recent interview with the FBI about Clinton’s private email system after an investigator asked a question Mills believed to be off limits, according to a published report.  The Washington Post said that Mills and her lawyer, Beth Wilkinson, returned to the interview