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Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Distortion #PINKOUT

Ryan Bomberger, Nothing says serious healthcare like a selfie-driven, news-distorting, #PinkOut day. Planned Parenthood, riding high on its massive, taxpayer-funded marketing campaigns of misinformation, is celebrating its political power on social media today. Pro-abortion Dems have sworn their allegiance to the abortion giant, promising to stand up for Planned Parenthood, no matter what. The Democrat

Hillary Should Have a ‘Catholic Problem’

Laura Hollis,  If you do an online search for “Donald Trump Catholic problem,” you’ll see the media has ran this story everywhere; post and tweet, rinse and repeat. See, e.g., National Review, July 18: “Donald Trump’s Catholic problem”; Forbes, Aug. 23: “Trump has a Catholic problem”;, Aug. 29: “Donald Trump’s Catholic Problem”; New York

Supremely Wrong Court Protects Gosnells Instead Of Women’s Health

Ryan Bomberger, Maybe it’s the robes that give five people the misimpression that they’re magicians. Who needs the Constitution when a handful of supremely powerful justices can magically create their own laws, conjuring up legislation in the guise of a judgment? In Whole Woman’s Health versus Hellerstedt, Justice Breyer invokes the word “Constitution” 103 times