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My Free Speech at Berkeley, How universities like Berkeley aim to kill free speech.

David Horowitz, A full-page ad is appearing in today’s Daily Californian, calling on students to “COME HEAR DAVID HOROWITZ SPEAK AT BERKELEY ON APRIL 12.” Following this, the ad says, “COME HEAR HIM, THAT IS, IF YOU CAN FIND HIM!” Well actually you can’t. That’s because the UC Berkeley Administration, which is determined to keep

Freedom Center founder outlines the president’s plan to save America, Video: David Horowitz Talks Trump’s ‘Big Agenda’ on C-SPAN. On February 16, Freedom Center founder David Horowitz spoke on C-SPAN about his new book, New York Times bestseller Big Agenda: President Trump’s Plan to Save America, which outlines the priorities on which the new administration should focus. Watch the video of his talk below,

CPAC’s Disinvitation to Milo an Assault on Free Speech

Mark Tapson, “Just when we thought Donald Trump had blown the oppressive leftist party line called Political Correctness sky high.” In the wake of controversial comments unearthed from a podcast that seemed to defend sexual relationships between young teenagers and adults under certain circumstances, Breitbart editor and gay libertarian firebrand Milo Yiannopoulos was disinvited by

David Horowitz to Lou Dobbs, Trump is Already Changing the Country

Daniel Greenfield, In an appearance on Lou Dobbs Tonight, David Horowitz, whose latest book, Big Agenda: President Trump’s Plan to Save America has become a hot topic, pointed out that while the average presidential “honeymoon” lasted around 7 months, Trump had hardly gotten 17 seconds. And yet, Trump is already changing America by bringing back

Trump’s Message: Go on the Attack and Stay on It

David Horowitz, An excerpt from David Horowitz’s new book, “Big Agenda.” Ironically, it was a billionaire businessman who broke the mold in the 2016 presidential campaign and brought a new voice into Republican politics. Instead of focusing on taxes and regulations, Donald Trump took up the cause of the forgotten working class, promising to restore

President Trump’s Big Agenda

Mark Tapson, David Horowitz’s new book lays out the battle plan. After eight years of treasonous subversion by Barack Obama’s radical administration to fundamentally transform the United States, Donald Trump’s election victory is galvanizing a revival of American exceptionalism. But Trump and his team face formidable opponents as they begin the Herculean task of reversing