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Big Racism

The Chicago Four: Anti-Trump Rhetoric Coming Home to Roost

Jack Kerwick, By now, there is scarcely anyone who isn’t familiar with the repulsive video. Two young black men and their black female counterparts—let’s call them “the Chicago Four”—recorded themselves as they beat, bound, cut, kicked, and tormented a cognitively challenged white teenager over a two day period in Chicago. These monsters in human form

Tim Wise’s Antiracism Deconstructed

Jack Kerwick, Tim Wise is a white “antiracist” and crusader for “social justice.” Recently, in an interview that he gave to Salon, Wise brought his “expertise” on race to bear upon the Trump phenomenon. Donald Trump, he claims, exploited the “market for white resentment [.]” Trump’s supporters, Wise assures us, are “crazy, bigoted, misogynistic” and