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The Wrongheaded Uproar Over DeVos

Bill Murchison, The bad thing about elective politics (not the only bad thing; there’s a long list) is the philosophical and, especially, rhetorical extremes into which it squeezes differently minded folk, who, more and more frequently, find themselves saying things like: “You un-American crackpot!” “You racist neo-fascist!” “You (expletive) hater of (fill in the blank).”

2 Sides to the Immigration Brouhaha #MASA

Bill Murchison, No one gets anywhere by trying to roll Donald Trump’s immigration order and its varied implications into a spitball for hurling hard and fast at the Other Side. That is not to split the difference, in namby-pamby fashion, between supporters of the present immigration freeze and those Americans who, like Nancy Pelosi, claim

Politics and Other Basic Irrelevancies

Bill Murchison, A new presidency looms — U.S. Rep. John Lewis of Georgia notwithstanding. (Question: Was Lewis, in denying, in heralded fashion, the legitimacy of Donald Trump’s Nov. 8 victory, applying for a thank-you note from Trump Tower? Was he startled not to get one?) A new presidency brings new faces, new ideas, new events,

Democracy and Donald Trump

Bill Murchison, The Wall Street Journal reported the other day that numerous early and all-seeing promoters of the 401(k) account acknowledge — sigh — they got it wrong. 401(k)’s didn’t result in all the saving that was foretold; in fact their emergence encouraged employers to scrap pensions. But let’s get to the real point, which

Hillary Clinton and the High Court

Bill Murchison, The worst thing about Supreme Court-anxiety in the upcoming election is that Supreme Court-anxiety should figure in the upcoming election at all; that it should figure hugely, heatedly — arsenic inserted into a political casserole noxious enough on its own terms. Our national government’s judicial branch matters in a way it shouldn’t. The

The Nastiness of the Clinton Campaign

Bill Murchison,  Memo to Hillary Clinton: Yessum, you may win this thing. I wouldn’t fall over in a state of cardiac arrest should that happen, given what the polls are saying. This, though history instructs mortals to be very, very careful when it comes to predicting lead-pipe cinches. But say you’re right. I mention merely