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DANNEY WILLIAMS, ABANDONED SON OF PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON, ASKS FOR DNA SAMPLE FROM EX-PREZ – CALLS 1999 DNA TEST INCONCLUSIVE, CALLS 1999 DNA TEST INCONCLUSIVE, SEEKS NEW TEST. My name is Danney Lee Williams. I have many compelling reasons to believe that I am the biological son of former President William Jefferson Clinton—also known as Bill

Revelations from WikiLeaks release of Podesta emails

The recent leak of emails allegedly belonging to Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman reveals a confidant’s frustration with the former secretary of state’s daughter, former President Bill Clinton “losing it” during a tough 2016 primary contest and a general coziness with numerous members of the media. And much more.  The trove of John Podesta’s emails from


Washington Post “Hillary Clinton recently explained her plan to deal with the Islamic State. “We’ve got to do it with air power,” she declared at NBC’s Commander-in-Chief Forum, adding that “they are not going to get ground troops. We are not putting ground troops into Iraq ever again. And we’re not putting ground troops into

Two Steps Toward a GOP Victory in November

Michael Hammond, Well, the Democrat/press “August strategy” had an unexpected downside. The strategy was this: Take a series of pro-Clinton polls, coming out of the Democrats’ “convention bounce.” (The NBC/Wall Street Journal polls — loaded with pro-Democrat “battleground states” surveys — were particularly crooked.) Then use those polls (generally based on “registered voters,” rather than

Clinton Crime Mafia Back in Full Force

BATR In your face and rubbing your nose in it is for all to see. That’s the pattern of the Clinton clan that perfects their criminal culture of corruption and law-breaking. The unmistakable premeditated meeting between William Jefferson Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch   is a violation of every ethical legal canon. It should be

The 113th Congress was the least productive in the nation’s history – What About 2014?

 by  Bill Straub, 10 Things to Watch in Congress in 2014 If the first session of the 113th Congress was the least productive in the nation’s history, what’s in store for part two? WASHINGTON – Searching for legislation likely to attract consideration during the second session of the 113th Congress is like trying to find

As scandals mount, White House springs into damage control

With no sign of an end to three mushrooming scandals, the White House acknowledged the rising political dangers on Wednesday by launching a concerted effort at damage control. In a whirlwind few hours, the administration moved forcefully to counter criticism of its handling of the deadly attacks in Benghazi, Libya, the seizure of reporters’ phone

15 groups to O'Reilly: Drop 'gay' radical Fox News host accused of being 'complicit' in homosexual activist's campaign


Individuals representing a wide range of pro-family organizations have signed a request to Fox News talk show host Bill O’Reilly to stop using homosexual activist Wayne Besen as a commentator on his program. “When Fox News provides a forum to a radical homosexual activist known for employing inflammatory and hateful language in the service of

What Bill Clinton Won’t Say


The most interesting part of the Obama campaign TV ad consisting solely of Bill Clinton speaking to the camera is what Clinton didn’t say. In the thirty-second spot, Clinton makes three comments: one about the Republican plan, one about Obama’s plan, and a third about his own administration. Taking the success of his own years

Democratic convention adds speakers

Democratic convention adds speakers

Prominent Democrats were added to the speakers list for the upcoming Democratic National Convention Monday, two weeks before the gathering convenes in Charlotte. Added Monday were Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who served as President Barack Obama’s chief of staff for the first two years of his presidency; Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, who won the