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Trump Pulling Away, Hillary Desperate For Votes in ‘Blue’ States

Kit Daniels, Repeat of 1980? Hillary in freefall, losing grip on once Democratic strongholds. Inside sources say Democrat internal polls (not the fluffed-up media polls) show Trump ahead in every swing state! This is why Hillary is doing midnight, 11th hour emergency rallies in “Democratic” states – they aren’t solid blue, despite what the mainstream

Trump Campaigning in Traditional Blue States, Could overturn the electoral map

With one week before election day, Donald Trump spent the bulk of Tuesday campaigning in Wisconsin, a state that has not backed a Republican for president since 1984. His unorthodox visit came on the heels of trips to Michigan and Pennsylvania, states that also haven’t gone red since the 1980s.  For the final stretch of

Trump Campaign Sprints Into Final Week In Blue States As Hillary’s Momentum Collapses

Matthew Boyle, NEW YORK — A confident campaign of Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump is sprinting into the final full week of the campaign as his opponent Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton is struggling. Federal law enforcement officials are taking another look at her emails, held on a home-brew server that was set up in

Trump Should Look to the States for Successful Law and Order Policies

Pat Nolan, This column is co-authored by Senator Michael Hough. Donald Trump has adopted “law and order” as a main theme for his campaign. He makes it clear that his main concern is violent crime. Violent, dangerous criminals should be in prison, and the cost of incarcerating them is money well spent. However, the net of

California GOP seeks return to Reagan blue

John Hrabe This article originally appeared on  At this weekend’s state party convention at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport, a group of influential California Republicans has an odd request for delegates: help turn California blue. “Around the globe, blue is identified with conservative, free market parties, while red is identified with social democratic parties,”