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Former Prosecutor: The Clintons Are So Corrupt, Everything ‘They Touch Turns To Molten Lead’

Daily Caller, Obama’s Department of Justice “created a double standard for justice – one for the Clintons and one for the little guy.” Pithy former federal prosecutor Joe diGenova believes the recent Project Veritas video by James O’Keefe featuring DNC contractors explaining their dirty practices to foment violence at Trump events, is a prima facie case of federal and state criminal activity.

‘Smoking Gun’ Email Confirms DNC Involvement In Inciting Violence At Trump Rallies

Zero Hedge, Just another plume of smoke? Just a few days ago, Project Veritas released a bombshell video exposing coordinated efforts between the Hillary Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee, Democracy Partners (run by Robert Creamer) and The Foval Group (run by Scott Foval) to incite violence at Trump rallies across the country.  The Clinton

O’Keefe: Mainstream Media Losing Power to Stop Trump

Jamie White | Infowars, The establishment can’t win. Citizen journalism and social media has overpowered the collapsing, discredited mainstream media, says Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe. “You are seeing social media and the grassroots in this country become more powerful than the mainstream media,” O’Keefe said on The Alex Jones Show Thursday. “We’re the social

If Media Covers Project Veritas ‘I Guarantee You Trump Would Win the Election’

John Hayward, James O’Keefe of Project Veritas appeared on Tuesday morning’s Breitbart News Daily to talk about his latest undercover videos, including one that exposes efforts by Democrat activists to incite violence at Republican political events, and another in which a New York City elections commissioner admits to widespread voter fraud. O’Keefe said he has