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Kaine Is A Career Democratic Party Insider

Insider Kaine Vs. Outsider Sanders Politico ‘s Edward-Isaac Dovere: “In An Anti-Establishment Year, He’s [Kaine’s] A Career Politician.” “Lining up against Kaine is the boring factor – both that he doesn’t come off as the most interesting person himself, and that at this point, his selection is so widely expected that the announcement wouldn’t excite

Job-Creating Mike Pence Vs. Job-Crushing Tim Kaine

JOBS Mike Pence Has Made Job Creation His Top Priority When Mike Pence Was Sworn In As Governor Of Indiana In January 2013, The Unemployment Rate Of Indiana Was 8.4%, And The Total Unemployed Was At 266,731. (Indiana Statewide Statistics, The Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 7/22/16) As Of Last Month The Unemployment Rate Of