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Report: John Boehner to Run Again For House Speaker

 Daniel Doherty  Unforeseen and unexpected events have shaken up the Republican Party recently — and in particular, its House Republican leadership team. As a result, those on the Right who once assumed House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) would not run again for that prestigious if thankless political office are going to be sorely and sadly

Stopping a lawless president

George Will  What philosopher Harvey Mansfield calls “taming the prince” — making executive power compatible with democracy’s abhorrence of arbitrary power — has been a perennial problem of modern politics. It is now more urgent in the United States than at any time since the Founders, having rebelled against George III’s unfettered exercise of “royal prerogative,” stipulated

Poll: Nancy Pelosi Voted Most Hated Leader in Congress

 For at least the second year in a row, California Representative and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has been named the “most hated Congressional leader“. This is not surprising at all, as Pelosi maintains an elitist, holier-than-thou attitude while simultaneously saying the most “mind-numbingly stupid” things, like a pay cut is beneath her “dignity“, or